Dear Healthcare Professional:



As a Health Care Professional you have the responsibility and privilege of assisting your clients obtain the best care possible – for an appropriate price.


When Assisted Living is being sought, your resources for assisting clients have been limited to relying on the Internet or using a placement agent- but not anymore!


Senior Alternative, Inc. is now proud to introduce Care2bid. Care2bid is the first of its kind online senior living solutions marketplace. Our online marketplace eliminates the “middleman” and the expensive, laborious and confusing search process. Today, our marketplace empowers your clients with the competitive edge by avoiding conventional search methods that drive up individual and industry costs. Care2bid works directly with local communities that specialize in senior living, offering both long-term and short-term stays. 


How Care2bid works: 


Online or with personal assistance of our highly skilled case managers, the unique needs and desires of your client are carefully and compassionately obtained. The information is then reviewed and provided to a select number of communities within our marketplace that meet your client’s needs.  After obtaining no less than three bids, your client will be provided in-depth information that details the unique attributes and services of each community.  We put your client in the driver’s seat, allowing them to select the best viable option of care, while saving them money. 


Since 1994 Senior Alternative, Inc. has proudly published PACE, Arizona’s most trusted resource for those in search of senior housing and care.  Our guides and online directory have assisted thousands of individuals and professionals in locating, evaluating and making highly informed decisions.


Each Care2bid community is prescreened and have pledged to adhere to our Code of Conduct, Patient Rights, and Best Practices Protocols covering medication management, fall prevention and emotional health.